Website Startup Package

OBJECTIVE: A website "presence" for _________________________ (client)
DOMAIN (URL): http://www.___________________________._____
DESCRIPTION: Establish an immediate "presence" on the World Wide Web while your complete website is being developed. Reserve your new domain name now, and launch an initial Home Page, containing full contact information for your organization.

All "Website Startup Packages" include the following:
Hosting fees to be paid on your behalf:
Domain name registration $ 20-65.
Server setup fee $     50.
One year prepaid hosting @$20/mo. 1 $   240.
Professional services:
Website design & implemntation for initial Home Page 2
    (est. 2 hrs. website development @ $60)
$   120.
Maintenance & support for 1 year
    (est. 3 hrs./year @ $45)
$   135.
Proposal for complete website 3, 4 N / C
TOTAL VALUE (if billed separately): $   575
(domain name renewal, hosting, maintenance, as above)
$   295


1 Click here for information about server hosting.

2 Initial Home Page identifies the client and provides standard contact information (address, telephone, and a popup email form), to establish an immediate "presence" on the World Wide Web. Client may specify color schemes and supply descriptive text, (as well as a limited number of photographs, graphics, and logos, if desired). Domain name registration, hosting, and maintenance fees are included for the first year.

3 Contractor (Tripodics) will prepare (at no cost to client) a detailed proposal and storyboard for a complete, multi-page website to meet the client's needs (including, where appropriate, dynamic interaction, server-side scripting, graphics, and other features and technologies of the Wide Wide Web).

4 Regardless of whether the complete proposal is accepted, client shall retain the initial webpage, prepaid hosting, maintenance, domain name rights, etc. and all warranties, property rights, authorizations, prohibitions, and terms as stipulated in the "agreement" (see ) shall remain in force.

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